Volumetric And Gravimetric Feeders

Process Solutions is the Official Representative of TecWeigh in North and South Carolina

Volumetric Flex Feed- ​Designed for difficult to handle dry materials the external agitation system eliminates product degradation, rat-holing or bridging. The single auger design provides uniform and accurate metering of the product. Can accommodate feed rates of 900 cu/ft/hr with 2-3% accuracy

More Information on options specific to your needs is available here

Gravimetric Feeder- Tecweigh is a leading designer and manufacturer of in-motion weighing and metering products for dry material handling applications in the food, chemical, plastics, minim and construction aggregates industries.

More Information is available here

Quick Change Volumetric Feeder- The Tecweigh® QC10 single drive feeder couples a unique Flex-Feed® polyurethane hopper with an opening in the bottom and the ability to agitate the hopper without driving the auger. When you need to change material, simply stop the feeder and place a reclaim container underneath. Open the bottom discharge slide gate (or remove the plug) and run the drive motor in reverse.

More Information is available here

Hard-Sided Volumetric Feeder- The Tecweigh® hard-sided volumetric feederprovides a heavy-duty, stainless steel product contact surface and Tecweigh’s patented cartridge drive bearing assembly. This feeder’s unique design minimizes product build up areas and its "quick disconnect" feature provides tool-less removal of most components, including the auger and feed tube. 

More Information is available here

S5A High Turn-Down Volumetric Feeder- When high turn down is required for your applications our new 5 and 10 series volumetric feeders will fill your requirements. With 40:1 turn down these feeders will often save money you would otherwise have tied up in multiple augers and feed tube diameters to satisfy the range required.

More Information is available here

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