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Sampling Systems

Process Solutions is the Official Representative of InterSystems in North and South Carolina

GRA Sampler- The GRA industrial cross-cut sampler design collects a representative sample from gravity flow spouts. When activated, a sample cutter pivots through the product stream, sweeping a 120 degree arc, collecting a true cross-section sample. Sample cutter then retracts from the product stream and is sealed when not sampling.

More Information on options specific to your needs is available here

RS Sampler- The RS can be constructed to fit 18” to 60”-wide conveying systems. When activated, the rotating scoop, with a built in adjustable and flexible wiper, obtains a sample at predetermined intervals without damaging the belt. The collected mid-belt sample, including fines, is then deposited into a gravity side chute for delivery to a collection system. 

More Information is available here

PS Sampler- Collects accurate samples from gravity or pneumatic conveying systems (positive or negative, dense or dilute phase). May be mounted in vertical or horizontal lines, spouts or chutes. When activated, sample tube extends into the product stream and collects a sample, then fully retracts, seals the line and eliminates product stream obstruction. Close-tolerance auger then moves the sample to the discharge and provides excellent product clean-out.

More Information is available here

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