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Weigh Feeders and Batchers

Process Solutions is the Official Representative of Vibra Screw  in North and South Carolina and Virginia

Continuous Loss in Weight Feeder- This product provides unparalleled versatility in handling a broad range of feeding requirements. Feed rate from 20 pounds to 24,000 pounds per hour can be accomplished with accuracies of plus or minus 1/4-1% on a minute-to-minute basis. The continuous weighing feeding devices can include pan or tube feeders, screw feeders and belt feeders

More Information on options specific to your needs is available here

Batch Loss in Weight Feeder- A Batch Weighing System is similar in design to a continuous Loss-In-Weight Feeder. Batch applications do not, however, require that material be continuously fed with high-feed accuracy. They do require that the desired weight of material at the end of the feed cycle is accurate. Batch accuracy of 1/4 to 1/2% or better can be achieved. 

More Information is available here

Gain in Weight Batching- The cost effective method of weighing since it requires only one or two scale systems for a number of ingredients. Batch sizes can range from grams to several hundred pounds. Sophisticated control packages can weigh up to 64 ingredients with up to 255 stored recipes or formulas. 

More Information is available here

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